I teach and coach at The Hivery in Marin, co-leading the 5-week "What's     Next" Workshops. Registration is now open for the September/October series. 

I am the creator of Moms in Transition — offering workshops for mothers at different stages in their lives, who are contemplating re-entering the paid working world, going back to school or embarking on an adventure that has been tucked away on a shelf until their children are grown.

I offer private sessions in person, by phone, and by Skype.


Career counselors use assessments, and when they will be helpful to my clients, I offer them as tools in my work.  I am trained to administer the Myers Briggs, (the premiere assessment for identifying personality “type”), the Strong Campbell (for identifying interests), and the Skill Scan and Values inventories. As a compliment to traditional career assessments, I also offer alternative explorations, including the enneagram, and visualization techniques to keep my clients motivated and self-aware. Life is full of distractions, and I give my clients work to do outside of our sessions to keep them accountable and moving forward.


I am trained as a therapist, career counselor, and a  life coach specializing in Positive Psychology, all of which allows me to be effective in helping my clients create positive change in their lives. People are complicated, and my holistic approach and strong intuition are both very helpful in determining where my clients’ needs reside. I share my insights and expertise, and I teach my clients about themselves in ways that they often have not learned before. My hope is that they take these insights and apply them to future choices as they move throughout their life. 

I work with people from all walks of life who are highly motivated, willing to work hard and take action to make positive change happen!
I have been told many times by my clients that they feel I’m committed to them and I truly care; they are correct on both counts.  This work is my passion, and when I help my clients see themselves with a new perspective, embrace their own talents, skills, strengths and interests, and ultimately move forward in their own life. I derive great satisfaction from knowing I have done my job well.
Linda helped me build the confidence I needed to present my best self to future employers. I cannot stress how important it is to feel confident when changing careers. I would never have gotten my foot in the door in a new industry had I not gone through this process with her.
— Amity B.