I specialize in partnering with people who are at a crossroads and are seeking positive change in their life. Although my clients are all facing normal life transitions, they share common themes:

  • They are motivated.

  • They want to create positive change.

  • They are ready to do the work to move forward.

My clients are at different places in the process

Transitions are a process, and each person who is looking for positive change in their life will find that they are at a different starting place. Whether they are in the discovery stage of determining “who they are” and “what they want”, or they already have a goal clearly in mind, I partner with my client to create a plan so they can move forward.

Clients who have a goal clearly in mind also come to my practice for coaching. They are tired of the same thoughts and fears preventing them from taking action to fulfill their dreams. They are feeling “overwhelmed and confused” on how to even start the process. They want a mentor, a coach, and a partner to keep them on track and accountable. Wherever clients are in the transition process,  I work with them to deepen insight, and open possibilities.


Clients come to my practice at a crossroads in their life. They may be recent college graduates who have worked for a degree and are wondering “now what?”

Other clients have been in a career for years and find that they are ready for a change. Many of them have hit a wall; they find that the work they do is no longer interesting or inspiring.  Often they find that they are stressed and have little life balance.  More frequently than not, clients come to my practice after being on a path for many years in work that they have never enjoyed.

Moms who are considering re-entering the paid working world after an extended leave come to my Moms In Transition Workshops or work with me in private sessions. Often after spending time away from the paid working world, they realize they have no desire to return to the profession they left behind. Their values have changed, and they are now ready to explore work or graduate school that is personally meaningful and rewarding.

“Linda provided me with the insight and encouragement to align my goals, dreams and career with my own internal compass. She encouraged and guided me in uncovering and recognizing what was holding me back and provided me with the necessary strategies to move confidently forward. I can honestly say I have my dream career! A heartfelt, THANK YOU!”
— Amber Fitzsimmons